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Why Ups-A-Daisy?

At Ups-A-Daisy, we know you love beautiful potted plants around your home and property. You give them what they need and move them around so you can enjoy container gardening to the fullest.

The problem is, planters are heavy and soil is expensive. That can be frustrating when all you want is nice hardy plants that are more portable.

Finally there's an inexpensive solution to help you cultivate healthy potted plants that you can more easily rotate. Welcome to Ups-A-Daisy!

Ups-A-Daisy Sprouts

In 2004, Kristy established Kianga, Inc., manufacturer of the Ups-A-Daisy planter insert, with the help of her husband Jeff. Kristy is the creator of the Ups-A-Daisy planter insert concept and the majority owner of Kianga. Kristy and Jeff worked hard to perfect the Ups-A-Daisy and finally began to sell their now-famous inserts at home & garden shows and local nurseries.

They established a relationship with Bloem to distribute the Ups-A-Daisy nationwide and now, many years later, you can see the Ups-A-Daisy at Lowe's, Wayfair, QVC and more! Kristy and Jeff's passion is to help beginner through master gardeners enjoy container gardening to its fullest.

What Is Kianga?

Kianga (Kee-ahn-jah) is a Swahili word meaning "sunshine after rain." Kristy shares, "One day when we were kids, my sister Susie and I were standing on opposite sides of the same street. Oddly, it was sunny on my side and rainy on Susie's. From that day on, we nicknamed each other Sunshine and Rain.

"Sadly, my sister Susie died of heart disease at the age of 38, shortly before the launch of Ups-A-Daisy. I chose Kianga as our new company's name in memory of Susie, who had a tremendous impact on her family and everyone she encountered. Susie is also remembered through Daisy - Kianga's lady gardener icon. Susie's favorite "cheap sunglasses" are shown hanging from Daisy's pants. Susie's memory lives on in the fun and whimsical side of Ups-A-Daisy."

Kristy's Philosophy

"I have always been a passionate gardener. I especially enjoy quiet time and a sense of accomplishment I receive from working in the garden. I'm constantly changing my gardens, trying new ideas that are fun and unusual. After years of using everything from milk jugs to packing peanuts as filler for my planters, I decided it was time to find another solution, and Ups-A-Daisy was born."

Happy gardening!

How to get your Ups-A-Daisy

  • 1 Consider your plant's root length
  • 2 Measure proper planter diameter
  • 3 Hit the "buy now" button!

"I found the Ups-A-Daisy® to be an excellent and easy to use flower pot insert. I used less potting soil and my pot was much lighter to handle. I found that my Blood Lily had a bigger bloom than usual and the bloom lasted much longer. I don't have to worry about root rot. I have about 2,000 potted plants and would like to have an Ups-A-Daisy for all of my plants. I highly recommend this product."

Sandy A., Deland, FL

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